Distrikt Blog | Custom Homes

Did you know we build custom homes?

Imagine a home with premium finishes, a sophisticated, dreamy kitchen, enough room to fit your largest family gatherings – built to your specifications and taste. This is the vision that Distrikt Homes’ team of designers, planners, and builders translates and makes a reality. For you. 

Only you. 

Our custom-crafted homes are a true reflection of your style and are perfectly suited to the needs of your family. Whether that means a three-car garage to fit your new Lamborghini or a private, shabby chic she shed in the backyard, it’s 100% your choice. You are involved in every decision. We are here to facilitate your vision, using the 30 years of building experience we’ve accumulated from building more than a thousand quality constructed homes throughout the Lower Mainland.

Distrikt Homes is passionate about enhancing communities by choosing the best places to build and adding real value to neighbourhoods. We partner with homeowners to add elegant style and quality craftsmanship throughout the design, planning and construction phases. 

Our goal is to find balance. Balance in life is good. Especially when talking about constructing your own home. Balance means that form and function align. The cost of construction is offset by efficient building practices and materials. Luxury and affordability at the same time. Who says you can’t have it all? At Distrikt Homes, we do things differently. We take pride in knowing that we haven’t compromised on quality or our commitment to homeowners.

Whether you’re ready to jump right in or want to know more about what your custom dream home could look like, we should talk. Contact us today to start a conversation.